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Tay's Teaching Toolkit

Providing free, high-quality, PowerPoint games for foreign language classes & design tips to take your own games to the next level

Tay's Tips

Check out my latest blog posts covering PowerPoint design tips and tutorials about how to level up your own teaching materials!

About tay's teaching toolkit

Who are you? Hi! My name is Tayler, I’m a graphic designer-turned ESL/EFL teacher, and I’m the designer of all the games featured on this website. I utilize my expertise in both design and teaching to bring you high-quality, effective PowerPoint games to use in your own classroom.


Why this website? Sharing my games started as a way to give back to the EFL teaching community in South Korea that helped me so much during my start as an EFL teacher there. Then, as I saw the response to the materials I provided, I saw an opportunity to reach an even bigger community of foreign language educators.


What is it? This website is meant to be a resource for teachers to download free, easily-editable, high-quality games for their lessons. These games also require little prep work. For most of my games, all you have to do is edit them with the vocabulary or target language from your own classes and the games are ready to play! I also provide PowerPoint design tips and tutorials through my Tay's Tips blog.


For free?! You might ask, why am I offering these games for free? Mainly because while the designs of the games I take full credit for, I do not own the rights to most of the game images, sound effects, and fonts I use. These templates and games are unofficial and designed for personal use only. However, if you enjoy my games, find them helpful for your classes, and would like to show your appreciation, feel free to buy me a coffee (as some of you have requested) with the button below or at the top of this page. Thank you for visiting as well as your continued support, enjoy!

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