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My Favorite Resources

For those of you who ever wondered where I get my fonts, images, and sound effects from, you have come to the right place! This is a short and sweet post sharing with you the websites I visit most often when making a PowerPoint game.




This is my absolute favorite website for generic clipart (images not from a specific tv, show, movie, video game, etc.). Not only are the images high quality, but they are also all transparent, which makes them super easy to drop into a PowerPoint.

Icon Finder

This is another great resource for images. In addition, I also love all the features the site provides. One feature is the ability to filter by icon style (flat, solid, outline, hand-drawn, pixel, etc.). This is useful when making your PowerPoint have a cohesive art style. Another great feature is that icons usually come in sets. So, if you find an icon you like, you can also see the set it comes with, thus finding similar icons by the same artist. Finally, the last feature I love about this website is its Icon Editor tool. It allows you to recolor, edit, and tweak any icon of your choosing.

Note though, this is both a free and paid site. While they do have over 300,000 free icons, I’d say getting a pro account (subscription) is worth it if you can. It just opens you up to literally millions of different icons you can choose from. If interested, you can sign up with my link and get 50% off your first month.


I mostly use this website when searching for background images for my games. I absolutely love the vector art I find there and the images always look so professional. Even though they have premium images that are only accessed with a subscription, I find their free library is more than sufficient.

Google Images

I usually use this search engine as a backup if I can’t find the images I need on the previous three websites or if I’m looking for specific images (like those from a tv show, movie, or video game).




My favorite sound effects library. It has thousands of high-quality sound effects to download in mp3 or wav file formats.

YouTube to MP3

YouTube is a great resource to find sound effects or music from a specific tv show, movie, or video game. So, this website allows me to convert those YouTube videos into mp3 files to download.


Once downloading those mp3 files from the YouTube to MP3 website, I often convert them to wav files so that they’re embeddable in my PowerPoint. This website allows me to do just that and includes sixteen other great, easy-to-use audio editing tools such as an audio trimmer and an audio volume adjuster.

Audio Joiner

On this website, you're able to merge separate audio files into one. This is the one audio editing tool Audioalter doesn’t have, so I go to a separate website for it.




This is the website I usually go to when searching for a font. It has one of the biggest font libraries out there (over 55,000 fonts). Plus, I like that you can search for fonts by theme, which is especially useful when you have a specific theme in mind for a PowerPoint game.

Font Squirrel

Though this font library is much smaller, the fonts on this website are more likely to be embeddable in PowerPoint since they're 100% free (even for commercial use). With DaFont, it’s hit and miss, and I usually take an extra step to check if a font is embedded correctly by opening the PowerPoint on both my home and school computers.


Have any questions or great resources you love to use when making a PowerPoint? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you :)

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