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Zombie Virus Game

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Having trouble downloading the PowerPoint version or editing the Google Slides version? CLICK HERE

(you do not need to request access to the file)

Game Features

  • Includes example of how I structured the question and answers (hidden slide at the end of the PowerPoint)

  • Play as a reading or a speaking game

How to Play

  • For this game, there are humans, zombies, and doctors.

  • The teacher will choose select students to start off as zombies or doctors (how many depends on the size of your class).

  • When the game starts, students go around and play each other in rock, paper, scissors.

  • The loser asks the question and the winner answers OR if your target language consists only of a statement, just have the winner say the statement.

  • Depending on what the student is (human, zombie, or doctor), they respond with different answers if they win rock, paper, scissors.

  • Make sure students whisper their answers in the other student’s ear so they don’t reveal what they are.

  • Zombies turn humans into zombies and doctors turn zombies back into humans, but only if they are the winner of rock, paper, scissors. If a human wins, nothing happens.

  • At the end of the game, if more than half the class are humans, humans win! However, if more than half are zombies, zombies win!


  • The instructions above are for the reading version of this game. However, you can also use it as a  speaking activity. One way to do this is give each student a card with an image on it relating to the word/sentence they should say as a human, zombie, or doctor.


No runtime information has been submitted yet for this number of students. If you have used it with your students and would like to share how long it took to play, please fill out the form on the last tab. It would be very much appreciated and would be a big help to other teachers like you! 

Questions & Feedback

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