Woody's Quick Draw

Download game fonts HERE, HERE, and HERE

Game Features

  • Play as a reading, speaking, or writing game - templates for all versions included in the PowerPoint

  • Graphics and sound effects from the Toy Story movie

  • Minimal prep work and simple game mechanics

  • Easily add and remove as many slides as you need

How to Play

  • Divide your class into teams. How many teams is up to you. Usually, I play with two or three.

  • Each round, one student from each team stands up and faces away from the screen.

  • When they hear the word “Draw!” said by Woody in the video, they turn around and look at the screen.

  • The Etch A Sketch will start drawing a word or sentence.

  • The first student to read the word or sentence gets a point for their team.

  • Further instructions on how to play and edit the game can be found in the notes section of each slide.


  • The instructions above are for the reading version of this game. You can also play this game as a speaking or writing activity. The PowerPoint template also includes slides for these versions as well - the main difference being the Etch A Sketch draws a picture instead of a word/sentence.

  • For the speaking version of this game, the first student to say the word or sentence based on the picture drawn gets a point for their team.

  • For the writing version, the first student to write the word or sentence based on the picture drawn gets a point for their team. Also, I’ve played the writing version two ways: 1) The students come up to the board and write their answer on the chalk/whiteboard. Or 2) Each team gets a mini whiteboard, marker, and eraser, so standing students stay at their desks.

  • If playing this game with only one student, you can use the speaking version of this game like flashcards. For an added challenge, maybe you even add a timer where the student has to say the answer in the amount of time given (ex. 5 sec).


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Variable. It depends on how many rounds you have in the game. I usually play for 15-20min.

  • Time: 20min; Students: 26; Skill Focus: Reading; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 25min; Students: 36; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes

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