Tron Speed Reading Challenge

No separate online/Zoom version - use game as is for online classes

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • Tron-themed gameplay

  • Animated backgrounds

  • Five levels of difficulty

  • Awesome text animations and music provided by Adam Zero

  • Play as a reading or writing game

How to Play

  • Students can play this game individually, in pairs, or in teams.

  • For this game, students watch letters or words move fast across the screen and try to figure out the word or sentence.

  • Once students know the answer, they write it in their notebook or on their whiteboard. 

  • After time is up (decided by the teacher), everyone says the answer together.


  • I have also played this as just a reading game. Students played invidually and when they knew the answer, I had them quietly put their hands on their head. After time was up, I had all students who knew say the answer together.

  • Feel free to add a point system. In my experience, students had just as much fun with and without one.