Time Bomb Reading

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • Includes two designs: one with and without characters

  • Includes an example reading sheet

  • Rules are easily adjustable to fit your class

  • Fun graphics and sounds

How to Play

  • Students play in teams and each team starts with 3 lives.

  • Everyone stands up. 

  • When the game starts, each team will read a sentence one by one.

  • When the bomb goes off, the team reading loses 1 life.

  • If a team loses all their lives, they're out (they sit down).

  • The last team standing is the winner!


  • I have also played this game where students were in pairs and each pair only had one life. There are many ways to play this game, so feel free to adjust with what works best for your class.

  • If using the version of the PowerPoint without the characters in the background, there is an opportunity to type the text you want the students to read on the slide itself if you move the bomb over to one side.