Super Mario Mystery Box

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • Fun, dynamic gameplay

  • Eight types of mystery box prizes

  • Imagery, sounds, and animations closely resemble an actual Super Mario game

How to Play

  • A student/team chooses a letter or number and answers the corresponding question. 

  • If they get it correct, they go to a mystery box page.

  • What's in the mystery box can be good or bad.

  • The student/team chooses to keep the box and its contents for themselves or give it to another team.

  • The teacher then reveals the prize in the mystery box and what the student/team gets.

  • The student/team with the most points at the end of the game wins!


  • I have no variations for this game at this time. If you played it a different way in your class and would like to share, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments below! :)


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Time: 25min; Students: 20; Finished: Yes (played with both older and younger elementary students, older usually finishes the game, younger usually has a few questions left)

  • Time: 25min; Students: 26; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 30min; Students: 28; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 25min; Students: 30; Finished: Yes (Played with 5-6 teams. Material was fairly easy, so the game went pretty fast. Students started out much faster, but once they see how the points work, they spend more time deciding to keep or pass.)

  • Time: 45min; Students: 30; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 40min; Students: 35; Finished: Yes (used with middle school students in teams of 5-6 players - almost always finish in 40 minutes with about 5 minutes to spare for awarding prizes and clean up)

  • Time: 40min; Students: 40; Finished: Yes (played wiht 2 teams)

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