Super Mario Dice Duel

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Mario-themed board game

  • Game materials included in downloadable file

  • Visual and clear instructional PowerPoint

  • Play as a reading or a speaking game

How to Play

  • For this game, students play in groups of 3 or 4.

  • Their goal is to try to be the first to move up to the top of the pyramid to save Princess Peach. 

  • First, a student chooses which box they want to go to.

  • Then, their group asks them the target question (if you have one) and the student responds using the image or text in the box.

  • Then, they must roll a certain number on the dice to move into that box (as displayed by the numbers on the right of the pyramid).

  • If they don't roll that number or above, they have to stay where they are.

  • Also, only 1 student can be in a box at a time, so if a student wants to move to a box that's already occupied, a "dice duel" commences.

  • For a "dice duel," each participant rolls the dice and whoever gets the higher number stays in the box and the loser has to go back to start. 

  • The first person to reach the top of the pyramid wins!

  • For more visual and in-depth instructions, view the PowerPoint. 


  • To play as a speaking game, use images in the boxes. To play as a reading game, use words or sentences in the boxes.