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Super Mario Dice Duel

Download game font HERE

Having trouble downloading the PowerPoint version or editing the Google Slides version? CLICK HERE

(you do not need to request access to the file)

Game Features

  • Mario-themed board game

  • Game materials included in downloadable file

  • Visual and clear instructional PowerPoint

  • Play as a reading or a speaking game

How to Play

  • For this game, students play in groups of 3 or 4.

  • Their goal is to try to be the first to move up to the top of the pyramid to save Princess Peach. 

  • First, a student chooses which box they want to go to.

  • Then, their group asks them the target question (if you have one) and the student responds using the image or text in the box.

  • Then, they must roll a certain number on the dice to move into that box (as displayed by the numbers on the right of the pyramid).

  • If they don't roll that number or above, they have to stay where they are.

  • Also, only 1 student can be in a box at a time, so if a student wants to move to a box that's already occupied, a "dice duel" commences.

  • For a "dice duel," each participant rolls the dice and whoever gets the higher number stays in the box and the loser has to go back to start. 

  • The first person to reach the top of the pyramid wins!

  • For more visual and in-depth instructions, view the PowerPoint. 


  • To play as a speaking game, use images in the boxes. To play as a reading game, use words or sentences in the boxes.


No runtime information has been submitted yet for this number of students. If you have used it with your students and would like to share how long it took to play, please fill out the form on the last tab. It would be very much appreciated and would be a big help to other teachers like you! 

Questions & Feedback

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