Spy Game

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Instructions PowerPoint designed like a spy computer with added animation and sound effects

  • Game materials included in downloadable file

  • Play as a reading or a speaking game

How to Play

  • Students play this game invidually and each student gets a card with an image on it.

  • Students must keep their card a secret and not show it to anyone.

  • When the game starts, students stand up and go around asking other students the target question (if you have one). For example: "Where are you from?" 

  • The student they ask answers with a sentence relating to what's on their card. For example: The student has a French flag on their card so they answer, "I'm from France."

  • If the student who asked the question has the same card, they become a "team" and try to find their other "team members" together.

  • If they don't have the same card, they are not on the same team and look for someone else to ask.

  • However, students have to beware! Some students recieved "spy" cards. Meaning, if someone asks them a question, they can answer with any response they want.

  • Once students think they've found all members of their team (I usually play with 3 or 4), they go to the teacher.

  • The teacher asks them the target question, they answer together, then show their cards.

  • If all cards are the same, they win! However, if there is a spy on their team, the spy wins!


  • The instructions above are for the speaking version of this game. If you want to play as a reading game, have their responses typed out below the pictures on the cards.

  • How many spies and number of different cards is up to you and what you feel would work best for your class. My template includes 4 spy cards and 6 different image cards (also 4 of each).

  • This game can easily be played without a target question, too. For example, if your lesson is about different ailments, students can go around telling each other what ailment they have on their card like, "I have a headache." or "I have a stomachache." If the student they tell has the same card they can say, "Me too." Or, if they have a different card, they can say, "Feel better!"


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Variable. The game doesn't have a set ending, so you can play as many rounds as you want. I usually just play until class time is up (usually about 15-20min). 

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