Sleeping Pokemon

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • Same game concept as "Sleeping Elephants" (if you are familar), but with a Pokémon twist

  • Takes features from the actual show/games (Jigglypuff putting Pokémon to sleep, the Pokéflute's ability to wake Pokémon up, and more!)

  • Fun graphics and sound effects

How to Play

  • Students play in teams of 4 and each person on the team is assigned a different Pokémon. If available, give each team a marker, dry erase board, and an eraser.

  • In each round, a wild Jigglypuff will appear and put all the Pokémon to "sleep" by singing its song. This means all students put their heads down and close their eyes.

  • When the teacher, calls on a Pokémon (ex. "I choose you, Pikachu!"), that Pokémon from each team will wake up and read/memorize their word on the screen. 

  • Jigglypuff then returns to put those Pokémon back to sleep once time is up. 

  • Once all Pokémon have read their word, the Pokéflute will play to awaken all the Pokémon. 

  • Students then have to work together with their team to write the correct sentence using the words they read. 

  • Once all teams are done writing, the teacher will reveal the answer and it's on to the next round!


  • Sometimes if I'm focusing on practicing vocabulary, instead of parts of a sentence, I give each of the four students a part of a word. Then, when everyone wakes up they have to figure out what the word is from the letters I gave them.