Sleeping Pokemon

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • Same game concept as "Sleeping Elephants" (if you are familar), but with a Pokémon twist

  • Takes features from the actual show/games (Jigglypuff putting Pokémon to sleep, the Pokéflute's ability to wake Pokémon up, and more!)

  • Fun graphics and sound effects

How to Play

  • Students play in teams of 4 and each person on the team is assigned a different Pokémon. If available, give each team a marker, dry erase board, and an eraser.

  • In each round, a wild Jigglypuff will appear and put all the Pokémon to "sleep" by singing its song. This means all students put their heads down and close their eyes.

  • When the teacher, calls on a Pokémon (ex. "I choose you, Pikachu!"), that Pokémon from each team will wake up and read/memorize their word on the screen. 

  • Jigglypuff then returns to put those Pokémon back to sleep once time is up. 

  • Once all Pokémon have read their word, the Pokéflute will play to awaken all the Pokémon. 

  • Students then have to work together with their team to write the correct sentence using the words they read. 

  • Once all teams are done writing, the teacher will reveal the answer and it's on to the next round!


  • Sometimes if I'm focusing on practicing vocabulary, instead of parts of a sentence, I give each of the four students a part of a word. Then, when everyone wakes up they have to figure out what the word is from the letters I gave them.


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • We are still in the process of collecting runtime information for this game. If you have used it with your students and would like to share how long it took to play, please fill out the form below. It would be very much appreciated and would be a big help to other teachers like you! 

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