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Pokemon Telepathy Game

No separate online/Zoom version - use game as is for online classes

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • 12 different scenes relating to the type of Pokémon 

  • Poké Ball animation sequence and sound effects similar to the actual show

  • A writing timer of Pokémon game music

  • Straightforward editing and controls

How to Play

  • Students play this game individually.

  • 3 different words or sentences appear on the slide, each attached to a different Pokémon.

  • Students write the word or sentence of the Pokémon they think will come out of the Poké Ball on the next slide.

  • Once students are finished writing, press the spacebar to go to the next slide.

  • Press the spacebar again to open the Poké Ball and reveal the winning Pokémon and the word/sentence.

  • Students who guessed correctly get 1 point and the student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner!


  • This game can be played in pairs or groups as well. I usually give each pair/group a mini whiteboard to write their answers on. They can keep track of their own points on their whiteboard too.


STUDENTS: 1     TIME: 30min     SKILL FOCUS: Writing     FINISHED GAME?: Yes

Questions & Feedback

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