Pirates of the Classroom

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Game Features

  • Five types of rewards/punishments

  • Three types of choose-your-fate mystery events

How to Play

  • I usually play this game with teams, but feel free to play with pairs or individually depending on your class size.

  • For this game, teams make a sentence using a word (across) and picture (down) to choose an X.

  • The teacher then clicks the X they chose to reveal their reward or punishment.

  • The game continues until time is up or all the Xs are chosen. 

  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!


  • Feel free to use all text or all pictures on the main choosing slide.


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Time: 30min; Students: 12; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes (Played with 7 year olds. Split into 2 class periods with 15 minutes for the game each time. Rules were modified slightly to adjust for age and speaking ability.)

  • Time: 25min; Students: 17; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: No (played with 5th grade students, only had ~25min to play, if had the whole class time, then probably would have finished)

  • Time: 30min; Students: 18; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes (played with 6th grade students)

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