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Pirates of the Classroom

Download game font HERE

Having trouble downloading the PowerPoint version or editing the Google Slides version? CLICK HERE

(you do not need to request access to the file)

Game Features

  • Five types of rewards/punishments

  • Three types of choose-your-fate mystery events

How to Play

  • I usually play this game with teams, but feel free to play with pairs or individually depending on your class size.

  • For this game, teams make a sentence using a word (across) and picture (down) to choose an X.

  • The teacher then clicks the X they chose to reveal their reward or punishment.

  • The game continues until time is up or all the Xs are chosen. 

  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!


  • Feel free to use all text or all pictures on the main choosing slide.


No runtime information has been submitted yet for this number of students. If you have used it with your students and would like to share how long it took to play, please fill out the form on the last tab. It would be very much appreciated and would be a big help to other teachers like you! 

Questions & Feedback

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