Pass the Ball

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • Simple, well-designed PowerPoint

  • Easily editable

  • Fun music

How to Play

  • This version of a Pass the Ball game uses two balls (or whatever objects you'd like).

  • Give them to two different students.

  • When the music starts, students pass the balls to the students next to them.

  • When the music stops, the two students who have the balls stand up.

  • One student asks the question on the PowerPoint and the other answers (I usually designate this by ball, one is the question ball and the other is the answer ball). 

  • After the students have completed their tasks, the game continues and the music starts again.


  • Feel free to change the task when the music stops. It doesn't have to be a question and answer. This game can also easily be played with one ball. 

  • Depending how you display the information on the screen when the music stops, you can you use this as a speaking or reading game