Nick's Wilde Deal

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • A deal or no deal-type review game put in the world of Zootopia!

How to Play

  • A student/team chooses a letter and answers the corresponding question. 

  • If they get it correct, Nick will offer them a "deal" for a certain number of bucks (points). 

  • They can either choose to take his deal and get the bucks he offers or say "no deal" for a chance to get more bucks, BUT he may also give them less bucks (or no bucks) than what he originally offered. 

  • The student/team with the most bucks at the end of the game wins!


  • I have no variations for this game at this time. If you played it a different way in your class and would like to share, I would be happy to hear from you in the comments below! :)


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Time: ~25min; Students: 25; Finished: Yes (students were allowed to look at textbook to answer)

  • Time: ~35min; Students: 26; Finished: Yes

  • Time: ~35min; Students: 30; Finished: Yes (considering adding a "change points" option in the future due to student requests)

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