Mission Impossible Wall Dictation

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Game Features

  • Practices all four skills

  • Exciting graphics, music, and sound effects

  • Four levels, with each level reducing in time limit

  • Editable game sheets also included in downloaded file

How to Play

  • Students play in teams of four and each student on the team will go to one of four pages on a wall. 

  • When the game starts, the teacher will call out a number, ex. "Number 3," and students go to the page they were assigned, read the word next to #3 and report back to their team. 

  • They then work together to write out a sentence with the words they each read before time is up/the bomb explodes! 


  • You can distribute these sheets however you like. I usually tape one on each wall of the classroom so they’re equally spread out, but they can just as easily go on a surface.

  • I usually play with teams of four (one person per sheet), but this game can also be played in pairs or even individually.

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