Lucky Strike

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Play as a reading or speaking game

  • Fun, colorful carnival-themed graphics and sound effects

  • Minimal prep work and simple game mechanics

  • Includes example layouts of words and sentences

How to Play

  • Divide your class into two teams. Each team has a goal.

  • In each round, one person from each team stands up.

  • First, they say the word or sentence highlighted in yellow next to the puck (see the screenshots above for examples).

  • Then, they do Rock, Paper, Scissors.

  • Whoever wins gets to move their team's puck toward their goal (win with rock = move 3 spaces, win with paper = move 2 spaces, win with scissors = move 1 space). The teacher moves the puck by clicking the hammer images next to the goals.

  • However, only one puck can advance toward a goal at a time. Meaning, if Team 1’s puck is moved two spaces up toward their goal, then Team 2 can only start moving their puck up toward their goal when Team 1’s puck reaches the bottom of their goal. So, in order to move Team 1’s puck down, Team 2 has to beat them is Rock, Paper, Scissors (a little confusing to explain, see the PowerPoint or video above for a more visual explanation).

  • Then, two new students stand up and repeat the process.

  • Once a team hits their goal, they get to spin the wheel for points.

  • After spinning the wheel, the game continues and they play again until someone hits their goal again.

  • The team with the most points when time is up or reaches a certain number of points wins!

  • Further instructions on how to play and edit the game can be found in the notes section of each slide.


  • To play as a speaking game, use images in the boxes. To play as a reading game, use words or sentences in the boxes (see the screenshots above for examples).


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Variable. The game doesn't have a set ending. I usually just play until class time is up (usually about 20min). However, occasionally I set point goal such as whoever scores 1500 points wins.

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