Knockout Game

No separate online/Zoom version - use game as is for online classes

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Four types of game templates to use depending on how many students are in your class - check the notes section for further details on which one is which

  • Three types of boxes on the template slides, so you can choose the one that fits your skill focus - only text, only images, and text with images

  • Examples also included of how I use each type of box for your reference

  • Includes additional notes explaining the game and how to edit the PowerPoint in the "Notes" section of each slide

How to Play

  • All students stand up. 

  • One student will choose a box and make a sentence. 

  • The teacher will click the box the student chose and reveal the number behind the box. 

  • The student whose number that is is out and sits down (if your students don't already have numbers feel free to assign them). 

  • However, before they sit down they get to choose the next box. 

  • The last student standing is the winner!


  • This game can be played as a speaking or reading game depending on which version of the boxes you use - image focused for speaking and text focused for reading

  • I’ve also played where all students are sitting and they put their head down if they’re out. I used this for my rowdier classes.

  • If my target language involves a question, sometimes I have the other students ask the student who’s choosing the box a question first before they make a sentence.


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Time: 15min; Students: 20; Skill Focus: Reading; Finished: Yes

  • Time: ~20min; Students: 26; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes, 3 rounds 

  • Time: 20min; Students: 27; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes

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