Grab Game

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • Clear, visual instructions for students

  • Includes two kinds of card templates for the game

  • Play as a listening or a listening/reading game - card templates for both versions included in the PowerPoint

How to Play

  • Students play in pairs.

  • Each pair gets a set of cards with pictures on them relating to the vocabulary or target language of the lesson.

  • They spread the cards out face up between them.

  • The teacher will say a word or sentence.

  • Students listen carefully and try to grab the card the teacher says before their partner.

  • The student with the most cards at the end of the game wins!


  • You can play this game in groups as well.

  • The instructions above are for the listening version of this game. To add a reading component, use cards with text instead of pictures on them. The PowerPoint template also includes slides for this version.

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