Go for the Goal

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Soccer-themed board game

  • Game materials included in downloadable file

  • Low prep and easily editable

  • Play as a reading or a speaking game

How to Play

  • Students play this game in pairs and each pair gets a game board and a soccer ball.

  • They put the soccer ball on the "Start Here" circle. One student is Player 1 and the other is Player 2.

  • When the game begins, students will do rock, paper, scissors. 

  • The winner will move a certain number of spaces toward their goal depending on what they won with and say a word/sentence according to the box they landed on. Example: Player 1 wins with scissors, so they move the soccer ball 1 box to the right toward their goal. Then in the next round, Player 2 wins with rock. They then move the soccer ball 3 spaces to the left toward their goal.

  • They continue to do rock, paper, scissors until somebody reaches their goal. 

  • When someone scores a goal, they start over in the "Start Here" circle.

  • The first student to score 3 goals is the winner! 


  • To play as a speaking game, use images in the boxes. To play as a reading game, use words or sentences in the boxes.

  • To increase or decrease the time of gameplay, feel free to adjust the number of goals to win.

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