Fruit Salad

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Visually appealing, clear instructions on how to play

  • Card template is also included in the file (or you can use your own)

  • Play as a listening/speaking or a listening/reading game - templates for both versions included in the PowerPoint

How to Play

  • Each student gets a card with an image on it.

  • Then, the students sit in a circle with one student standing in the middle.

  • The students sitting ask the the student standing a question.

  • The student standing answers the question with any of the responses pictured on the cards.

  • If a sitting students hears the answer that matches their card, they have to stand up and find a new place to sit.

  • The student standing in the middle tries to find a seat too.

  • The student who doesn't get a seat is the new person standing in the middle and the game continues.

  • However, if the student standing is the middle says, "fruit salad," all students must stand up and find new seats.

  • Extra notes on how to play and edit the PowerPoint are included in "Notes" section


  • The instructions above are for the speaking version of this game. To play as a reading game, replace the images on the cards with words/sentences instead. The PowerPoint template also includes slides for this version.

  • You can divide students into multiple circles if you have a larger class.

  • If you have no key expression question, omit this part of the instructions and only have the person in the middle say a word/sentence.

  • Feel free to use any expression you wish in place of "fruit salad" if one fits your target words/expressions better.