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Fruit Salad

Download game font HERE

Having trouble downloading the PowerPoint version or editing the Google Slides version? CLICK HERE

(you do not need to request access to the file)

Game Features

  • Visually appealing, clear instructions on how to play

  • Card template is also included in the file (or you can use your own)

  • Play as a listening/speaking or a listening/reading game - templates for both versions included in the PowerPoint

How to Play

  • Each student gets a card with an image on it.

  • Then, the students sit in a circle with one student standing in the middle.

  • The students sitting ask the the student standing a question.

  • The student standing answers the question with any of the responses pictured on the cards.

  • If a sitting students hears the answer that matches their card, they have to stand up and find a new place to sit.

  • The student standing in the middle tries to find a seat too.

  • The student who doesn't get a seat is the new person standing in the middle and the game continues.

  • However, if the student standing is the middle says, "fruit salad," all students must stand up and find new seats.

  • Extra notes on how to play and edit the PowerPoint are included in "Notes" section


  • The instructions above are for the speaking version of this game. To play as a reading game, replace the images on the cards with words/sentences instead. The PowerPoint template also includes slides for this version.

  • You can divide students into multiple circles if you have a larger class.

  • If you have no key expression question, omit this part of the instructions and only have the person in the middle say a word/sentence.

  • Feel free to use any expression you wish in place of "fruit salad" if one fits your target words/expressions better.


(NOTE: The runtime for this game can VARY because it has no set ending. It is up to each individual teacher how long they want to play the game.)

No runtime information has been submitted yet for this number of students. If you have used it with your students and would like to share how long it took to play, please fill out the form on the last tab. It would be very much appreciated and would be a big help to other teachers like you! 

Questions & Feedback

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