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Catch the Sentence

No separate online/Zoom version - use game as is for online classes

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • 5 levels and 15 rounds total, with each stage increasing in difficulty

  • Various text animations to keep students on their toes

  • Text animations already set, all you have to do is type in your words/sentences

How to Play

  • Students play this game individually.

  • In each round, words or sentences will appear on the slide then disappear (in different ways each round).

  • Students have to pay close attention and write down the word or sentence they read in their notebooks.


  • This game can be played in pairs or groups as well. I usually give each pair/group a mini whiteboard to write their answers on. 


STUDENTS: 1     TIME: 10min     SKILL FOCUS: Review     FINISHED GAME?: Yes

STUDENTS: 1     TIME: 20min     SKILL FOCUS: Speaking     FINISHED GAME?: Yes

Questions & Feedback

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