Bet On It

Download online/Zoom version of the game HERE

No additional font downloads needed

Game Features

  • Clear, visual instructions for students

  • Simple editing - template instructs you which type of sentence you should type (a correct one or incorrect one)

  • Bettings sheets for print

How to Play

  • Students play this game individually.

  • All students start with $10.

  • Each round they will read a sentence and decide if it's correct or not, then make a bet based on confident they are with their answer.

  • If they are right, they get to add their bet to their total amount of money.

  • However, if they are wrong, they have to subtract their bet from their total amount of money.

  • The student(s) with the most money at the end of the game wins!


  • Feel free to change the amount students can bet. When I used this game, I taught an elementary-level ESL class, so it was easier for me to explain in English that they could bet up to $10 versus their maximum bet is their current total amount for each round.

  • For the online/Zoom version of the game, students will draw a simplified version of the betting sheet in their notebook or on a piece of paper. I have also added a 30 second timer bar to the game slides so students know how long they have to guess and make their bets. Feel free to adjust the time as needed.

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