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Bet On It

Download online/Zoom version of the game HERE

Download game fonts HERE and HERE

Having trouble downloading the PowerPoint version or editing the Google Slides version? CLICK HERE

(you do not need to request access to the file)

Game Features

  • Clear, visual instructions for students

  • Simple editing - template instructs you which type of sentence you should type (a correct one or incorrect one)

  • Bettings sheets for print included in downloadable file

How to Play

  • Students play this game individually.

  • All students start with $10.

  • Each round they will read a sentence and decide if it's correct or not, then make a bet based on how confident they are with their answer.

  • If they are right, they get to add their bet to their total amount of money.

  • However, if they are wrong, they have to subtract their bet from their total amount of money.

  • The student(s) with the most money at the end of the game wins!


  • Feel free to change the amount students can bet. When I used this game, I taught an elementary-level ESL class, so it was easier for me to explain in English that they could bet up to $10 versus their maximum bet is their current total amount for each round.

  • For the online/Zoom version of the game, students will draw a simplified version of the betting sheet in their notebook or on a piece of paper. I have also added a 30 second timer bar to the game slides so students know how long they have to guess and make their bets. Feel free to adjust the time as needed.


STUDENTS: 8     TIME: 40min     SKILL FOCUS: Reading     FINISHED GAME?: Yes

  • My kids had so much fun with this game. watching their faces when the sentences would come up was so funny, me and my co-teachers couldn't stop laughing. I had to add another 12 questions to the game because i was filling up an entire period. 24 questions was more than enough for 40-45 mins. My kids are elementary but this would be fine for older students. I threw some curveballs and made it a little more difficult to discourage max betting because my students are high level. It worked fine. Thanks for the game!

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