Bad Luck Billy

No separate online/Zoom version - use game as is for online classes

Download game font HERE

Game Features

  • Easily play as a reading or speaking game

  • Fun animations, sound effects, and graphics

  • By default this game has 30 game slides which you can adjust depending on how many students are in your class (ex. 30 slides = 31 students, 14 slides = 15 students)

How to Play

  • Everyone stands up.

  • One student reads the word or sentence on the screen.

  • Then, the next student goes. (i.e. The next student reads the same word/sentence on the screen- think of Hot Potato, but with words.)

  • At a random time, Billy will be struck by lightning. The lightning will strike automatically after the dark clouds appear. The time when it strikes is different on each slide (view the animation pane to view or change the timing).

  • Whichever student is reading when Billy gets struck is out (they sit down).

  • The teacher then moves onto the next slide and the game continues.

  • The last student standing is the winner!

  • Further instructions on how to play and edit the game can be found in the notes section of each slide.


  • To play as a speaking game, delete the text and put an image in the box instead.


(based on experiences from me and other teachers)

  • Time: 15min; Students: 10-20; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes (played with grades 3rd-6th with varying class sizes)

  • Time: 20min; Students: 15; Skill Focus: Reading; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 10min; Students: 16; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes (If a student with more emerging skills is starting, I did, read the sentence or word to help start the game off.)

  • Time: ~15min; Students: 23; Skill Focus: Reading; Finished: Yes

  • Time: ~25min; Students: 27; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 12min; Students: 27; Skill Focus: Speaking; Finished: Yes

  • Time: 15min; Students: 28; Skill Focus: Reading; Finished: Yes (played with middle school, it was a big hit)

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