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Story Time
  • Can I edit and play your games on Google Slides?
    While it is possible, I highly recommend you do open and edit the PowerPoint games in Google Slides. Editing a game made in PowerPoint on Google Slides will remove all embedded sound effects, sometimes fonts, as well as some other game mechanics, so I can't guarantee the performance would be the same as if you were to download and play them through the PowerPoint program. However... I will be releasing Google Slides versions of my games for the March 2023 website update! Stay tuned!
  • Help! I downloaded the game, but I can't edit it.
    Occasionally, some fonts will cause the PowerPoint to open in a Read-Only version. Usually, you can combat this by doing one of two things: Downloading and installing the linked font(s) on the game's page under the "Download Game" button. If it is still uneditable after doing #1, after you open the file and see the dialogue box below, click "Remove Restricted Fonts." While it may change the design of the PowerPoint slightly, it should now be editable. If you are still having issues after trying both #1 and #2, feel free to post a comment on the game's page or reach out to me via my Contact Me page.
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